Our Teachers

All of our teachers are passionate about music and the development of children.

They create a fun, informal, social setting that spurs engagement and supports each child's musical development.

photo Susan Freese (Director/Teacher)

Susan began her Music Together® and Sign Language teaching career in 2010. However, her love of music making began before she can even remember. She grew up in a large Canadian family and her earliest memories are of sing-a-longs among her sixty plus cousins, aunts, uncles and extended family surrounding an upright piano in a tiny little farm house set in a tiny little, bilingual village in New Brunswick. “Making music was never about talent or skill it was about being with friends and family sharing an amazing experience and we just happened to become pretty good musicians.” Throughout her childhood her favorite activities always involved singing, dancing and making music with the people she was closest to. She attended performing arts high school and went on to minor in music education in college while earning her degree in psychology followed by a masters in education. As an elementary and middle school teacher Susan always found a way to integrate music into her teaching and every day life. When Susan had her first daughter Olivia she began taking Music Together Classes with her baby and could see how special the program was for her whole family. Class had reignited the memories of her musical beginnings and she was reminded how special and profound it is to make music with loved ones. “I knew I wanted to raise my children in a musically rich environment like I grow up in. Music Together provided us with the musical “family” that we have been blessed to make music with every week!” While developing her family and student's musical lives Susan began to integrate American Sign Language into her lessons and her daily life. She discovered that using sign language allowed her children to communicate very early and found that families that she worked with were finding significant benefits through using Sign Language in their own lives. Today Susan is making music and signing every day with her daughters Olivia and Avery and with hundreds of children and their grown-ups throughout Connecticut.   


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photo Alicia Haas

Alicia’s music together journey began in 2015, soon after the birth of her son.  Long before she discovered the joys of Music Together, she always had a special relationship with music.  Some of her earliest and happiest memories are being gathered around the piano as a child, singing and harmonizing Christmas carols with her family.  Her father had a large impact on her; he was a music teacher and aficionado who taught her to appreciate a wide range of music.  As she grew, she continued to love and study music.  She took piano lessons for 13 years.  She participated in dance competitions and spent many weekends traveling to various parts of the country to dance.  She learned to play many other instruments, as well, including the flute and piccolo.  She was in her high school marching, jazz, and concert band as well as all types of choirs.  When she got to college, her major was computer forensics but she continued her relationship with music.  She performed in many musicals in college including Godspell, Cinderella, and Bye Bye Birdie.   Most recently, she has begun learning to play the ukulele.  Music Together has allowed her the opportunity to explore her love of music with her two children, Connor and Amelia.  Both of them have attended many Music Together classes and have developed a love of music along with her. Alicia's energetic and enthusiastic teaching style makes her so engaging to children and adults alike. We love that she has joined our teaching team!

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photo Ana Ughetti

Ana began her art-filled life as a young child in Colombia. She has always been surrounded by music, a deep love of culture as well as an incredible talent for painting, drawing, designing and the visual arts. Her childhood and adolescence include stories of many beautiful musical experiences that Ana shares with such passion and fondness. “One of my favorite stories Ana tells about her life is of her having musical conversations on the recorder through the window of her apartment with another mystery child somewhere on her block.  Every day they would play tunes on the recorder back and forth to each other until after weeks of plying they finally found each other.” Says Ms. Sue. Ana has a degree in interior design and loves making art. Ana moved to the United States in 2010 and started a family in the following years. Ana is an amazing face painter and body paint artist. In a happy turn of events, her face painting business is what first brought Music Together to Ana's world. Ana was face painting at a children's event where a Music Together demo class was being held by Ms. Sue. She immediately recognized the rich diversity of the songs and was thrilled to be singing and dancing along to one of the Spanish songs. She immediately was hooked and she started her adventure in Music Together as a mommy in class with her daughter Winter. Ana's experience as a mom brought her to the realization of how fortunate their family was and how important it was to be raising Winter immersed in art, music and a sense of her Latina heritage by supporting Winter's language development and experiences both in English and Spanish. Ana wanted to share these experiences with other families and started a Spanish immersion playgroup for her local community center. When Ms. Sue the Director of Little Hands In Harmony and Winter's Music Together teacher approached Ana and said “You would be the perfect teacher for an amazing new Music Together program called Canta y Baila Conmigo® . It is a full Spanish immersion Music Together class!” Ana knew it was meant to be. “It was like, this is the exact path I was meant to follow and everything I have experienced has brought me to this!” said Ana. Ana completed her Canta Y Baila Conmigo teacher training which sparked an excitement and eagerness to bring CYBC classes to every family in the world. We will start with Connecticut. Little Hands In Harmony is so fortunate to have Ana Ughetti as part of our teaching team and you will love having her as your teacher!


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